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The Russell Investment Group produces a range of Global and U.S. equity indexes.

At their site they have the following to say about their American indexes:

"Russell produces a family of U.S. equity indexes. The indexes are market cap-weighted and include only common stocks incorporated in the United States and its territories. All U.S. indexes are subsets of the Russell 3000E Index, which represents approximately 99% of the U.S. equity market…..Excluding stocks trading below $1.00, pink sheet and bulletin board stocks, closed-end mutual funds, limited partnerships, royalty trusts, etc, non-U.S. incorporated stocks, foreign stocks, American Depositary Receipts (ADRs)".

For additional information on the Russell Indexes refer to:

Detailed information, including methodologies and membership lists, is available from the above link or the Russell home site:

To obtain membership lists for the US market go to the HomePage >> Indexes >> Index Membership >> Membership Lists or follow the link:

The lists are downloadable in PDF format.

To manually extract AmiBroker compliant component lists from the PDF files:

  • 1) Open the PDF and change the View >> Page Layout to Continuous from the Adobe Reader menu bar.
  • 2) Pick Select All and then Copy, (also from the Adobe Reader menu bar).
  • 3) Paste the copied selection into a blank Excel worksheet and manipulate the data using Excels built-in functions.

An example list can be downloaded by right clicking on the link below and clicking on Save Target As to save the file to a local drive.

Note: The attached file assumes a basic knowledge of Xcel and Xcel functions.


Russell (US) 3000 Index:  russell3000.xls


Written using Adobe Reader v7.0 and Xcel 2002

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