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Site Authorization
Anyone can publish on the UKB site, but unmoderated publishing is restricted to registered authors. If you want to publish directly, you need to request authorization from the site administrator and sign a Contributor Agreement. Since authors have the authority to edit and delete existing posts (including those of others), registered authorship is reserved for serious contributors.

Once you have contributed to this site, you are encouraged to file an Author Profile so that readers know a little more about you. If you wish, you can show your email address in your profile so that readers can contact you.

The Authors’ Forum
The Authors’ Forum is a private Yahoo group named AmiBroker-UKB. This is where the site-administrator and authors discuss UKB site content, evolvement, and publishing procedures. Currently, most discussions deal with site organization and publishing procedures, but, as the site matures, discussions will focus more on content and collaborative publishing projects.

Publishing Criteria
Please read the official Contributor Agreement and Terms of Use first. Contributions on all topics related to Trading and/or the AmiBroker product are welcome. This is not a library or file section, and posts should be written in a tutorial format.
Advertising commercial products and/or posting product manuals without substantial tutorial content will not be allowed. However, you can announce commercial products if they are accompanied by a meaningful tutorial and example AFL code. Readers should be able to evaluate the product without obligation to purchase any products. Posts of this type may be moderated. Here also, if your contribution is significant and you feel it deserves its own category, you may request that a special category be created.

The Publishing Procedure
You may use any publishing format that can be imported into WordPress. A few simple publishing procedures are outlined below. See also Using WordPress and for tips on writing a Post in WordPress.

Formatting text and AFL code in posts
WordPress does not support fancy formatting, and generally when you write your post, you should minimize formatting using editors like Notepad or the Microsoft WLW (Windows Live Writer).
Special tags are used to format AFL code. The following code has a beginning and ending AFL tag:


When this text is saved the text in between the tags will be formatted and colored as it is in the AmiBroker formula editor as shown below.


Contributions in Comment fields
Probably the simplest way to share programming techniques and small tutorials is to write the contribution, remove formatting (paste to and copy back from Notepad works fine), and paste your contribution to the comment field of a closely related post. Anonymous comments are not allowed, as each comment is checked for spam. If your contribution is interesting, you may be contacted by one of the authors with the request to convert the comment into a full Post so that it will show up in the Table of Contents of the UKB.

Writing a Post directly in WordPress
This is another simple way to create a post, but you need to be a registered author. WordPress has a short learning curve; the best way is to read the WordPress Documentation and familiarize yourself with the procedures. The UKB site has a Test category where you can upload your test documents and edit them. Please select the Test category before publishing.

Writing a Post in Word
You can write a post in Microsoft Word, copy it to the Microsoft WLW (Windows Live Writer), and upload it the UKB from there. The procedure is:

  1. Write in Word
  2. Copy AmiBroker formulas with “copy as HTML” Off
  3. Paste the AFL formula into Word as “paste special – unformatted text”
  4. Add [ AFL ] and [ /AFL ] tags in Word (omit spaces inside square brackets).
  5. Insert images into Word
  6. Copy the entire document from Word and paste it into WLW.
  7. After setting up the publishing parameters click Publish

Attaching .doc and .pdf files to Posts
If you previously written documents, for example in Word or .pdf format, you can attach them to introductory Posts. The disadvantage of this approach is that the WordPress search engine doesn’t reach into attached documents, and your publication will be omitted from search results. The work-around is to write a detailed post containing all important keywords or even to copy the Table of Contents to the Post.

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