Sector Classifications – Hemscott (v2)

Hemscott Inc is the owner of the stock classification system used by Yahoo at their Y!Finance (USA) site as well as by other data providers.

As AmiBroker user Dick Hoierman noted in a recent AmiBroker group discussion;  "Hemscott has more or less become the standard as TC2007 and others have switched to it." which makes the topic one of interest for many AmiBroker owners.

Interested readers can find  Hemscott Industry Group listings at the Hemscott site: 

To access the list go to the Homepage >> Financial Databases >> North American Industry Groups >> Hemscott Industry Groups which is the path to an HTML version: 

Unfortunately a downloadable version is not available at the site but a ‘working’ version can be obtained by manual, albeit tedious, means.

To make a text copy of the HTML list:

  • 1) Manually select and copy the relevant ‘text’ from the web page.
  • 2) Paste it into a blank Xcel worksheet.
  • 3) Use the copy, paste, delete, sort features and text functions to manipulate the data into the desired format.
  • 4) Once the lists are suitable for use as an AmiBroker industry, or sector file, select a column, copy the contents and paste it into a text editor e.g. NotePad.
  • 5) Save the text file in the C:/Program Files/AmiBroker folder (or the equivalent) as or Hemscottbroker.sectors for use as required.

To download a spreadsheet, or a text file, with the current listings right click on the links below and select Save Target As to download them to a local drive.

Note: The spreadsheet is ‘raw’ and assumes a knowledge of basic Xcel and Xcel functions (refer to the Notes worksheet for instructions). The text files are intended as ‘Master’ copies as they contain lists with different ‘formats’. Users need to delete the unwanted sections from the text files.



  •  Version 1 – Sept14/2007
  • Version 2 – sept16/2007 – instructions rewritten – updated attached files to include additional workings and AmiBroker compliant numbering
  • Written using MicroSoft XPHome, Internet Explorer v7 and Excel 2002.

    1 Dick Hoierman – AmiBrokerYahooGroup – message #115044 – US-Stocks database template

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