Real-Time Bar-Period Timing

In real-time trading one often needs to know when a new period starts and how much time there is left before the period ends. The code below provides this information. Be sure to synchronize your system’s clock.

<p>function GetSecondNum() 
<p>Time Now(4); 
<p>Seconds int(Time%100); 
<p>Minutes int(Time/100%100); 
<p>Hours int(Time/10000%100); 
<p>return SecondNum; 
<p>TimeFrame Interval(); <p>SecNumber GetSecondNum(); 
<p>Newperiod SecNumber%TimeFrame == 0; 
<p>SecsLeft SecNumber-int(SecNumber/TimeFrame)*TimeFrame; 
<p>SecsToGo TimeFrame SecsLeft; 
<p>if( NewPeriod )  
<p>Say("New period"); 
<p>Title "\n"+ 
<p>"time: "+Now(2)+"\n"+ 
<p>"Interval: "+NumToStr(TimeFrame,1.0)+"\n"+ 
<p>"Second Number: "+NumToStr(SecNumber,1.0,False)+"\n"+ 
<p>"Seconds Left: "+NumToStr(SecsLeft,1.0,False)+"\n"+ 
<p>"Seconds To Go: "+NumToStr(SecsToGo,1.0,False); 

For testing and code verification timing is displayed in the chart title:


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