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To run Trade-Automation code, you should have the latest software versions of the AmiBroker-Pro and IB-Controller beta and have the AmiBroker Interactive Brokers Data Plugin selected for data source.

To use the AmiBroker Interactive Brokers Controller, you need an Interactive Brokers account. To place simulated orders you can use the TWS-Demo (Login: eDemo, Password: demouser), or, better, you can open a paper-trading account (free). The IB paper trading account is indispensable for any serious testing of your AT systems. The eDemo is very slow and much less adequate than using the TWS paper trading account.

DebugView is an essential tool to trace program execution and create logging files. You may consider creating a custom item in your AmiBroker Tools menu.

To deal with irritating TWS pop-ups common with earlier TWS versions, you may consider a product like PTFB Pro V3.1.0.0 by Technology Lighthouse (just one of many such products – this is not a special endorsement). Lately pop-ups seem to interfere much less, so you may not need this product if you use the most up-to-date version of TWS.

You should consider joining the Amibroker-at forum for discussions about AmiBroker-based Auto-Trading applications. To read about auto-trading in general, you should visit the Elite-Trader and AmiBroker-AT forums. You should visit the Interactive Broker forums to read about the TWS API and other AT topics. Be sure to create an icon for the AmiBroker ReadMeAT.html on your desktop, this file is located in your AmiBroker folder (default location). You might also want to have a copy of the API List of Error messages on your desktop; you will be referring to them frequently.

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