Setting up your TWS for Automatic Trading

This is a Quick-Start introduction to setting up your default settings in the TWS simulator and/or the actual TWS for automatic trading. Please refer to the official TWS documentation for more information on this and related topics.

For AmiBroker and the IBc to communicate with the TWS, you have to configure the TWS as follows:

Trader Workstation Configuration

In some of the later topics, you will learn about the TWS export file, which is read to obtain the actual prices at which your orders were filled. For this feature to work properly, you have to configure your TWS with the naming conventions shown below.

TWS Auto Export setup

The Export filenames are different for each IB account you use, and they are saved on your hard drive at the paths shown below:

Real.Trades. This filename is for your real-money trading account (C:\jts\Real.Trades).

Simulated.Trades. This filename is for your Simulated (Paper-Trader) account (C:\jts/Simulated.Trades).

Demo.Trades. This filename is for the eDemo account (C:\jts\Demo.Trades).

Be aware that exported trade lists are not date-stamped and will be overwritten the next day you trade.

Edited by Al Venosa

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