Plotting Trade-Prices

Instead of the traditional Arrows, which don’t really give you much useful information about your trade (such as filled prices), you can use PlotText() to plot exact Trade Prices, as in the example below:

Plot Price example

//Dummy system to generate some signals (Do NOT trade!)
Short = Cover = 0;
ZC = Zig(C,1);
Buy = T1 = Ref(ZC,1)>ZC;
Sell = T1 = Ref(ZC,1)<ZC;
BuyPrice = ZC;
SellPrice = ZC;
// plotting prices at the correct level
PlotShapes( IIf(Buy, shapeSmallCircle, shapeNone),colorBrightGreen, 0, BuyPrice, 0 );
PlotShapes( IIf( Sell, shapeSmallCircle, shapeNone),colorRed, 0 ,SellPrice, 0 );
FirstVisibleBar = Status( "FirstVisibleBar" );
Lastvisiblebar = Status("LastVisibleBar");
for( b = Firstvisiblebar; b <= Lastvisiblebar AND b < BarCount; b++)
if( Buy[b] ) PlotText("\n Buy\n "+NumToStr(BuyPrice[b],1.2),b,BuyPrice[b],colorBrightGreen);
else if( Sell[b] ) PlotText("\n Sell\n "+NumToStr(SellPrice[b],1.2),b,SellPrice[b],colorRed);

Edited by Al Venosa

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