Deleting Tickers and Composites

Creating composites is a lot of fun and can provide useful information about market and sector movements. However, when creating many composites, you will sooner or later find that your database is bloated with obsolete composites. The first requirement is to create a function to delete composites. Dingo kindly provided the following example code, which will be used to provide a variety of other useful functions. Note that the functions below can be used to delete both tickers and composites; the procedure is the same. The formula is designed to be run as an indicator but can be adapted to run in a scan, etc.

Introduction to the ATC

The AddToComposite() (ATC) is an extremely powerful function. Topics in this category will not repeat ATC topics covered elsewhere, so be sure to follow the following links for more information and applications:

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Also be sure to browse the applications listed at the bottom of the AFL Reference for the ATC.