AmiBroker Supported Sites


This post contains a list of AmiBroker ‘supported’ sites (most of the sites are officially supported by AmiBroker but some are not).

Search the main sites by using Google’s "Advanced Search" feature at (search within a site, or domain, by using the URL address).

Alternatively visit any of the ‘supported’ sites for categorized information on AmiBroker features, purchase, installation, testimonials, news, FAQ’s, downloads, documents, knowledge bases, tips, code and mailing lists.

For personal support please email – support [at]

1) AmiBroker’s Homesite

This site is searchable using the "Search" box in the top left corner of the "Welcome" page.


Links to specific pages at the AmiBroker Homesite

a) A downloadable PDF version of the Users’ Guide (Help Manual).

Note: the PDF version has superior search features compared to the other available versions.

b) An online version of the Users’ Guide (Help Manual).

c) FAQ’s.

d) AmiBroker Knowledge Base (KB).

The ‘official’ Knowledge Base site with tips & usage hints from

e) AmiBroker Tips Newsletter.

NOTE: The Newsletter has been now replaced by the AmiBroker Knowledge Base at:

f) AmiBroker support page.

The support page features additional documentation and videos.

g) AFL Library.

The AFL on-line library provides a very convenient way to share formulas, including descriptions and comments, between AmiBroker users. You will not only  be able to get the formula you need here but also contribute your own ideas.

h) Members Area.

This provides additional material for registered AmiBroker users, including the newest issues of Stocks & Commodities Traders tips for AmiBroker

i) The online version of the AFL Function Reference (searchable).

j) AmiBroker Development Log.

k) Feedback Centre.

You can submit your ideas and suggestions and see the list of features planned for the next few releases (registered users only).


2) AmiBroker User’s Knowledge Base (UKB)

This site is owned and operated by AmiBroker but its contents are entirely contributed by users.

It was was created to save you time, raise your productivity, aid you in your Amibroker Formula Language (AFL) learning experience, and help you become a more successful trader.

UKB features:

          Automated Trading, by Herman van den Bergen

          Intelligent Optimization, by Fred Tonetti.


3) AmiBroker third party site

An unstructured FTP site, sponsored by, to facilitate  file sharing between Amibroker users.


4) The AmiBroker mailing list

The list is provided to help Amibroker users to share ideas, tips and other related information. This is the place where you can meet other AmiBroker users, ask questions and share ideas (searchable archive and file uploading).


5) The AmiBroker Trading Systems mailing list.

This group is for discussion on developing and testing trading systems, using AmiBroker (searchable archive and file uploading).


6) The AmiBroker Automated Trading mailing list.

This group is for discussion on Automated Trading, using AmiBroker (searchable archive and file uploading).

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