Setup A Custom Database (v3)

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3 Responses to “Setup A Custom Database (v3)”

  1. brian_z
    October 6th, 2007 | 6:55 am

    Sept4/2007 v5.00 Release Candidate 1 introduces new Watchlist (WL) procedures and an ‘unlimited’ number of WL’s. X_categoryAddSymbols formulas (v0,v3), used in this example, with AB v4.9, are still compatible with the new version (WL’s 0-63 inclusive function as before). Empty WL’s are no longer hidden (optional toggle on).
    Assignment from WL’s to Sectors, using categoryAddSymbol and written for AB v5.0, is due for release within a fortnight (refer to Setup A Custom Database – Nasdaq).

  2. brian_z
    October 11th, 2007 | 9:40 am

    Setup A Custom Database (v2) adds an appendix with the code logic for X_categoryAddSymbol (a laypersons perspective) and extends the code to auto count Watch lists.
    Apologies for the formula formatting.
    There’s not much I don’t know about authoring for the UKB and formatting the posts, via WLW, is a challenge (trust me), let alone trying to format the code e.g. the code table doesn’t allow spacing and achieving single line spacing, in the posts, or double line spacing in the code, is an art form.
    For ‘formatted’ code download the AFL attachments (I might apply beautification, and/or stacking ;-) to them later).
    This will probably be my one and only major ‘series’.
    At the moment I am working to get the main content posted and then after it is all over I will tidy up formats, post minor additions and add some detail here and there.
    FTR – near the end I will do my best to reference the ‘programmatical’ methods documented by others around the AB traps.
    I won’t be offended if any ‘codesters’ submit improvements to my formulas, or methods for that matter, (in fact I will be pleased if they do).

  3. brian_z
    October 17th, 2007 | 5:12 am

    Setup A Custom Database v3 adds Watch list reporting to the Exploration using X_categoryAddSymbols.
    Suitable for quality checking categories after assignment.

    I did my bit to make the world a more beautiful place by adding some spaces and curly brackets to the formulas – I hope I got them right (I’ll read the big thick book on ‘Programming Anything And Everything’ soon – honest).