Introduction to AFL

The AmiBroker Programming Language (AFL) is a very unique and powerful programming language but to use it effectively you have to understand how it works and how to properly use the AFL functions. For the newcomer to programming, this may represent a steep learning curve and it may take a little persistence to find the answers to all your questions. To write documentation on any topic that leaves no questions unanswered is an impossible task, all help documentation assumes a minimum level of familiarity with the topic studied. The problem is that this prerequisite minimum level of understanding is set by the subjective judgment of the author. The results is that, for the individual user, some topics are covered excessively while others are skimmed over because the author assumed that everybody is basically familiar with the topic. Users on the other hand often assume that their lack of knowledge is shared by all beginners and, if the Help file inadequately explains something, claim that the documentation is badly written. Of course their view is just as relative and subjective as those of the author.

This situation exist in various degrees in all documentation and cannot be prevented. The way for you to cope with this is to stay calm (there have been some heated posts on the lists) and do your own research research. If you still can’t understand something and/or can’t find the answer to your specific question you can email AmiBroker Technical Support for help or post your question on one of the AmiBroker forums:

Amibroker Users’ Group
AmiBroker Automated-Trading
AmiBroker Trading Systems
AmiBroker AFL

There are some other Yahoo forums you may want to look at, especially if you are multilingual. For a more general search targeting groups in any language click here.

If you believe your question is of general interest you can ask your question using the comment field below. But please be specific; questions like ‘How do I use AFL’ would require a book to answer and is way beyond the scope of what volunteers can contribute.

Of course we welcome your solutions to specific AFL problems, either as an author with a post (requires registration) in this category, or in the comment field below.

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