Tips and Tricks

In this post we will collect simple Tips and Tricks that can help you get the most out of this site. You are invited to report new ideas of using this site in a comment to this post.

Searching for a topic
At the top of the Right side-bar is a search window in which you can type keywords to search for. The search is restricted to the title and body of the post and does not include author names. You can also use your browser find button (CTRL-F) to find any string in the displayed browser window. While not really a search you can list all posts in a category and its sub-categories by selecting the category in the Category window located in the middle of the Right side-bar. Posts will be listed by the date they were filed with the most recent post at the top.

Copying AFL Code
For the purpose of clarity and reference AFL Code on this site is formatted with line numbers. These line numbers will not copy when you highlight a section of code. You can directly copy-n-paste AFL code from this side to the AFL formula editor. As the site matures download procedures will be provided to download all code for a selected category. Some posts may also have download links to document and/or AFL files.

Creating a local copy of the UKB
There are many free programs that you can use to download, copy or grab, the entire UKB website. Typically these programs will create an icon on your desktop that gives you fast access to a local copy of the UKB. This off-line local copy will function exactly like the on-line one but respond much faster. It is best for you to do a search and select the website copier you prefer however to get an idea of how they work you can try this free product: HTTrack website copier

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