AFL Testing Databases

Small databases, with a limited number of symbols and limited data, can be useful for solving complex problems or designing systems within AmiBroker. A small amount of data can be easier to use, for debugging code or proving strategies, than larger amounts. For AmiBroker users, Yahoo data is readily available for this purpose.

In this tutorial new users are shown a simple method to create small quality controlled databases that are suitable for testing basic AFL functions and procedures.

FORMULAS FEATURED: BarCount, BarIndex();

INCLUDING: creating, copying, naming, deleting and backing up databases; managing databases from AmiBrokers? File commands or Windows Explorer; database naming conventions, creating small databases using AmiQuote; manipulating data with Quote Editor; understanding errors reported by the Database Purify Tool, plotting AFL functions as a training aid and more …………….

Attached Files:

  • Click on the link to browse document files on line, or, Save As to download an editable version, complete with a document map (the document map will only be available to users who own a copy of Word).
  • To download .afl files to the desktop right click on the link  and Save Target As ‘filename’ at Program Files/AmiBroker/Formulas/Custom to access them as formulas in the AmiBroker Charts list.
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