Indexes – Dow Jones

Home of the most famous family of indexes in the world.

Like all of the ‘index sites’ there is a lot of information available there but the objects of interest, for this post, are index component lists.

To download DJ component lists:

1) Go to the HomePage >> Indexes >> Dow Jones Averages to open the Dow Jones Averages page or follow the  link:

2) Click on the Components link in the MORE INFO column.


A Download File window will open.


3) Save the file to a local drive.

Since 2004 on, Dow Jones has also managed the Wiltshire indexes, a group of indexes based on the Dow Jones Wiltshire 5000 which comprises "all U.S. equity securities with readily available prices".

The Wiltshire indexes can be linked to  from the Dow Jones homepage and the partner page for the indexes is: 

The component lists for the indexes are only available by subscription.

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