Introduction to Trading Systems – Ideas

This is where you can share trading systems that are marginally profitable, i.e., those that should not be traded as they are but that show potential. Typically this would be a basic system that is profitable but experiences draw downs of 50%. Such systems can often be improved by adding Stops, Targets, Money Management, Portfolio techniques, etc. The reality is that while you may not have the expertise to make it work someone else may.

Almost all of us find trading system ideas in books and magazines that we then code in AFL for evaluation. Some of these systems may have been around for many years while others are new ideas. After coding them, almost always, we are disappointed and chuck out the system (work!). Instead of throwing out your work you are invited to post the system here to give another developer a chance to fix it.

You are invited to contribute as an author (requires registration) or in a comment to this post.

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