Wine or CrossOver

Author: OzFalconAB <at> (Michael.S.G)
Date: 13/2/2013

(Choosing Environment)

There are two ways to get AmiBroker running under linux.

[Free Software]
1) Use Wine from:

[Purchased Software]
2) Use CrossOver from:

Currently the use of CrossOver is recommended for people new to linux.

The Advantage of CrossOver is it's easier to setup, support is available from the distributors (Codeweavers) and changes to the software are less frequent, Giving you a more stable platform. CrossOver also has guaranteed support for other major windows applications such as Microsoft office, Quicken, iTunes etc.

The Advantage of using Wine is it's free, Has a faster development/update cycle and is often pre-installed or available for easy download from your distribution package repository. Generally, It works the same as CrossOver but at the expense of being harder to setup & it's regular updates make it a less stable platform.