Amibroker ASX Setup

Files in this distribution last modified: 01st April 2010
Author: Michael.S.G aka OzFalconAB <at>

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AB ASX Setup is an archive containing documentation and scripts to keep your ASX database up to date. To compliment this process, Template ASX databases are also included in this archive.
ASX Setup currently supports 29th of August 2008 GICS data structure. And the scripts in this archive download and import the latest list of ASX Stocks with associated Level 2 GICS information from the ASX Website.

AB ASX Setup supports Yahoo and Standard ticker formats.
The example below shows the difference in formats where the stock ticker is ABC & Index is All Ords.

Standard format = ABC (ASX Stock)
Standard format = XAO (ASX Index)

Yahoo format = ABC.AX (ASX Stock)
Yahoo format = ^AORD (ASX Index)

ASX Setup comes with two Template Databases, One for each database format.
Each database has the corresponding indexes and stocks setup ready for use.

ASX Setup can be downloaded here: